You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose. You’re on your own. And you know what you know. And YOU are the one who’ll decide where to go. – Dr Seuss

Having set out in the DBX – Not Invented Here, I was immediately confronted with a salient decision to make – should I resume my old journey, covering a great deal of the space I had already travelled before, in order to recommence my journey at some unforeseen date in the future where I finally reached my starting point aand would be able to actually start the next leg in my trip, or would it be a better and more constructive effort to set my sails in a different direct and to traverse the galaxy in a different way.

In considering it, I reminded myself of my actual goals in my earlier travels – to see and chart new places and new things, to find the spaces that may never be found again, and to see sights that may never be seen by another pilot again.  With that thought in mind, I decide to head out in the other direction, and attempt circumnavigating the galaxy counter clockwise.

The first step, naturally is to make my way out to the rim, and within 6 short days travel I find myself on the outer edge of the Perseus arm, nearly 8,400 light years from Sol.  No longer hampered by a need for money or work towards an exploration title, I’m free to scan objects entirely at my leisure, although somewhat amusingly, as time goes on I’m finding that muscle memory often kicks in, and I automatically begin scanning a star or system whilst scooping in much the way I used to in my previous travels.  It’s a little odd to find myself targetting a star and scanning it, when I’d fully intended on lining up for my next jump, but I don’t question the instinct, as it kept me from harm over distances that many explorers would assume there was no possibility of avoiding.

Like many other explorers, however, beyond the immediate edge of the Perseus Arm, there remains a faint, whispy trail of my old friend, the Outer Arm.

Following a heading of approximately 240, I set out towards one of the faint trailing clusters of the outer arm, where it appears I should be able to navigate my way out several thousand light years beyond the outside edge of the Perseus Arm, across the outer arm vacuus, and into a small pocket of space that has largely gone unexplored, before following the arm up and around the outer edge of the galaxy before rejoining the Perseus Arm and up onto the Far Galactic Rim.

For those of you who wish to follow my progress beyond the patchy and infrequent updates of this blog, I’ve been feeding telemetry from my travels directly back to the EDSM star mapping project, and you can find my full travel logs from this journey (and some patchy logs for previous ones) listed there.


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