Neamiae cluster, and its getting really dark outside...

Location Update – 31-08-3301 – Neamiae cluster

Took a little necessary recuperation time off recently, in order to save myself from exploration burn out or anything like that, so my apologies for the lack of posts recently.

In any case, getting back on the case now, and over the past couple of days I’ve managed to push forward a further 2,500ly onwards, and into a new cluster named Neamiae.

Not much to report about space out here, other than that its far out enough that the ambient light levels a pretty poor, and its a little harder to make things out than clusters closer to the core.

The stellar mix here is fairly homogenous, nothing particularly worthy of note in any respect, beyond the lack of large stars, and the significant reduction in worlds of value.

The lack of illumination however does add a hazard element of its own to the mix, however – it’s harder to see asteroids, and through far too many systems now, I’ve been glad that my ship can cut power to the thrusters when it detects an object that I might collide with well before I can see it.  Most modern ships would be safe navigating the area, but the regular lurching as the ship auto maneuvers around hidden objects would probably render owners of weaker stomachs immobile with space sickness.

And so, without further adieu, the journey continues….


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